FACR: Fungal Allergen Cross Reactivity Database


FACR is a database of known allergens of different fungal species. This database comprises of a list of annotated allergens. It can be browsed through the list of different fungal genera provided on the same page. Alternatively you can also search this database using a query sequence, query id, protein name or organism name. A link is provided with each allergen sequence that guides you to the page of other known allergens showing homology with that allergen. Besides that a link is also provided to access T cell and B cell epitope information of that allergen. From the resultant page presenting epitope data one can also find the information of the other proteins sharing the same epitopes and hence one can discover about the cross reactivity among allergens. Besides that three different SVM models based on amino acid composition (AAC), dipeptide composition (DPC) and tripeptide composition (TPC) are also available to download and run on ubuntu/linux platform. These models can predict the allergens with high accuracy and sensitivity.    

Select any genus of fungi from the following list to access the list of its reported and annotaed allergens and check their cross-reactivity report with other allergens